Welcome to Online Registration System (ORSZ) at

Zanzibar Business and Property Registration Agency

ORSZ is a registration system for Business Entities and Secure Transaction on Movable Propertyby using computer or mobile phones or tablets connected to the internet.

The main services of ORSZ include:

1. Business Entities:

  • Registration of company, Firms (Partnership and Sole Proprietorship), civil society, corporative society, public corporation,change of particulars, filing related documents, annual returns,report and accounts, paying annual maintenance fee, cessation and update of information, annual.

2. Secured Transactions on Movable Property:

  • Registration of security agreements, amendment of a security agreement, transfer and subordination of security agreement, termination of a security agreement and filing of secured transaction related documents, business entities names clearance, Reserve a business entity name after clearance

3. Information services:

  • Application for various information related to registration of business entity and secured transaction on movable property. The information may be in standard search (an extract of short or detailed information) or tailor-made information.

To apply for e-services in ORSZ you have to be a registered user. If you do not have a user name and password, please register as user first and activate your account, click Create ORS account. If you have a user name and password, click, E-services for registered users and login.

User Guides for Online Registration System-ORSZ

4. Mode of payment for e-services:

  • Cash through PBZ Tailor
  • PBZ Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Money (EasyPesa/TigoPesa/M-Pesa) not active now
  • Bank Cards(Visa Card/Master) not active now